Do you a novice web designer in the design world? During the Covid-19 pandemic, web designing is overgrowing as a lot of businesses move online. The requirement for a well-designed website has grown, which means there is a lot more demand for experienced web designer. You are at the right place if you have been looking for a straightforward guide to what not to do and what to do while designing a web design:  

Do – Scan   

Visitors are more probably to scan the page than read everything when they look at a website. That is the reason why you should make the website simple to scan. Users who are looking for a particular page will typically scan the website to find out it. Design the website in a way that makes this possible to make it a better user experience. You need to avoid chunks of text. Large volumes of text will make it complicated for a person who reads to take in and may lead to them clicking away because of the surplus of information. Instead, break up the texts into bullet points or make use of headers. Make any significant buttons such as a call to action stand out to boost the visitor’s ease and increase interaction.   

Do – Test   

Your design may look wonderful, but without genuine testing and feedback, it might not work well. Try and have two impartial users check the website out to provide you with their unfiltered feedback. One of the significant things to remember is how the visitor will interact with the end product. The website’s efficiency frequently translates into sales, and that’s why it is so crucial that every function and page is tested to make sure everything is working efficiently.   

Don’t – Slow Loading Times

In these times of immediate fulfillment, visitors are probably to close or click off the website if it takes too long to load. It is essential to prioritize speed as this will contribute to the website’s effectiveness and success. According to the expert web designer, your website is your first digital greeting with a new customer. That is the reason why your first impression is essential.   

Don’t – Play Music   

Background music only works on a certain kind of website. Generally, auto-play videos or background music will irritate users, making them more liable to click off. Users can be on the website in a community or at work, so a surprising sound or Music will be certain to irritate them and affect their experience on the website. It is a good plan to set it to mute by default if auto-playing videos are on the website. This provides the user control and permits them to listen to the sound if they want.   

Final words  

Designing a website can be a creative procedure or super fun. Make sure the website is simple to navigate and scan. Keep in mind that the end-user ought to be at the forefront while designing. I hope you understand what you should do and what you shouldn’t do for website design.  

Dos & Don’ts for Website Design by Expert Web Designers

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